Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To be a baptist, or not to be....

I don't believe...

1. wearing pants is sinful
2. drinking in moderation is prohibited
3. church discipline is necessary or beneficial
4. that God expects me to beat my children with a stick
5. music other than hymns is of the devil

I do believe...
1. I shouldn't dress to "show off"
2. people shouldn't drink to excess
3. we should show forgiveness and let people leave quietly if that is their desire.
4. God wants me to use my position of authority to teach my children
5. music is a form of entertainment, as long as its not DIShonoring God.

I've been studying out some of these topics and I'm obvisouly feeling very conflicted about my current choice of denomination. I will be continuing to pray and seek God's guidance. Ultimately, the church our family attends is my husband's decision.


Deborah said...

Here's my take on your 5 points:

1.my conviction is about modesty, not pants v skirts
2. drinking alcohol has destroyed way too many families for me to ever consider it anything but a foolish and dangerous choice
3. church discipline has it's place, but is seldom (if ever) done scripturally
4. we are to love our children as Jesus would...and there are some very bizzare child rearing methods in 'christiandom'
5. music is powerful and we must be careful about our choices...that said, hymns were 'contemporary' in the day they were written, so to say 'only hymns are ok' is foolish

It's always healthy to question; too many people blindly follow, or 'stuff' their questions...I know I've been guilty of that....because the option often leads to hard choices. It would be nice if our path was clearly marked out for us, and required no searching on our part...and maybe it is for some....but God seems to have allowed us to take the scenic route...as long as we keep the destination in focus, we'll make it through whatever God brings us to.
Oh, and keep walking in his light and he'll lead you out of the shadow's of 'the dark side' ;o)
Btw...I miss talking to you!

NiftyMama said...

Thanks Auntie Debbie,
I'm just thinking out loud. I don't know exactly where I stand on these kinds of things. I've just been going alone with the crowd so to speak on a lot of stuff. I've been so confused lately. I sure wish the answers were easier.

Deborah said...

Yes, I wish they were too. I really thought by this stage of life things would be a whole lot simpler and I'd be a whole lot wiser....at least you seem to be ahead of me. :o)
Hope you don't mind me responding to your thoughts.

Ashley Pichea said...

I just wanted to encourage you that the things you've listed as "negative" traits are not traits associated with any Baptist church I've attended or where I've been a member. The Baptist Distinctives actually do not address any of those topics. :) I love your prayer today (day one of the Ephesians study) and your submission to your husband. Keep seeking God's will for your family!