Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where did the time go?

Wow, its the middle of September! Summer just flew by at the speed of light! I kept a garden and am actually harvesting food from it. The kids had tons of fun playing in the dirt and building their imaginations. We have some cute black fluffy kittens to enjoy and managed to plant 2 rows of trees that actually survived!

Danielle has so much to say and is in love with learning her letters! If only I took a little more time to teach her, but this year is not kindergarten yet so I will be taking my time. She is full of energy and is excellent at helping me around the house. She loves to do her hair, paint her nails and is very inquisitive about my make-up but at the same time has no problems going out and getting covered from head to toe in mud! She can ride her bike incredibly well and LOVES animals.

Jack is a very determined, willful little fellow who wants to be able to do everything that his big sister does and more! He is steady, calm and thoughtful in his actions and has a generally quiet disposition. He is still my snuggler but is starting to outgrow the desire to be curled up in Mama's lap. He turns 3 next month!!! He takes his tricycle 'mud-bogging' and disappears with Daddy's hammer whenever it is left available for little hands to pilfer.

Wesley is my loud one. I thought Danielle was until Wesley came along. Because he is non-verbal he communicates solely by screaming, yelling, whining and sometimes laughing. I continue to encourage quiet by responding to him in the tone of voice that would be more appropriate and am trusting that he will sooner or later catch on. He is 9 months old and can crawl very well, pull himself up to his knees and eats table food very well with only his bottom middle 2 teeth! He loves to be with people, especially his older siblings and he really seems to enjoy music.

Aaron's business is taking off, but we are going to really need to be trusting God now that winter is coming because its very hard to do construction in 8 feet of snow. Although I've always wanted 4 children Aaron is feeling satisfied with 3 so I'm trying to come to terms with the idea of quitting here.