Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm renovating!

I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore, anyways... because I never write on it! But regardless I will update. My husband works a lot. Because of that fact the trailer that we've been living in for a year now has had no more work done to it besides the work that was done a year ago. I was quite tired at looking at the things that needed to get done, when I would ask what the plan was regarding these things I was told it was too much work to start right now. I took matters into my own hands and I ripped up this room. This room was Jack's room when we first moved in. But it had some major problems. The kids were moved into the same room and this room collected stuff. I emptied the room of all its stuff and proceeded to rip off all its wood panelling and the horrible smelly carpet (with the help of my best friend Colleen - truly couldn't have done it without her!) Now I've been stapling up new vapour barrier. The old stuff was too thin and had some holes, now even more holes because of my over-kill with the hammer while removing wood panelling! Aaron is finally on board with renovating this room and is happy that I started it and told me that if I start things he'll finish them! The room will be getting carpet, a light fixture, a heater, new drywall, paint and a door! Then I think I'll give the room to Danielle. Very exciting!

My next project will be packing up and moving to Colleen's basement so that I can tear up my living room and kitchen. That'll be quite the thing I'm sure! Very excited about it! In the spring I may just start ripping the ucky aluminum siding off my trailer. I don't mind tearing things apart if it means that things get done around here - isn't the demolition of things the fun part anyways?