Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thanks for reminding me!

So, a friend reminded me that I have a blog. She seems to think I might be interesting or funny. So rather than trying to write about 'stuff' I'll instead just write about the fluff in my head! Or at least the fluff that occured during the day.

Quick update!!!! Baby #4 is due to make her arrival September 24, 2011!!! It is a girl. We feel fairly certain that we'll call her Lacey.

Today was hot. Record setting hot. I was grouchy. I woke up to poor lil Wesley at 7:15 am. After having had a late evening boating the night before I was fully anticipating that EVERYONE would take note of the late hour and choose to sleep in this morning. Wesley missed the memo. He has a bit of diarrhea which does not seem to be affecting his health otherwise but it has surely affected the color of his posterior. Its red... flaming red. So, after stripping, bathing and dressing poor sore Wesley I once again stared at my can-sleep-through-tornados-for-ever-and-ever husband and mentioned to him at 7:45,8, 8:30, 9 and 9:30 am that "the day has begun and while I am up and existing you ...are... not." Running his own business is lovely, but it causes me great envy. I wish I could set the hours of my empoloyment, but as seen by the previously mentioned small child awakening at 7:15, I do not. At 9:45am, I was in a foul mood. Hot, sweaty, pregnant and TIRED! I yelled. It was bad. I felt so badly and so guilty for my outburst and likely cruel words that I was in a horrid mood for pretty much the rest of the whole day. Gratefully, my husband being a man a few words. Said nothing about my outburst and simply got up and took the older kids with him while he worked in our field for the day. This gave me ample opportunity to pray that God would help fix my bad mood and I even snuck a nap in while Wesley napped!

My prayer for today "Thank you Lord for giving me a husband who is smart enough to figure out how to improve things. Please wake him up in the mornings!!! Or, show me how to be more accepting of his preferred hours."

The rest of the day went really well. I got everyone ready for church on time and had an iced capp on the way to church! yum yum!