Monday, December 19, 2011


For the record, this "conflict" I speak of was NOT with any member of my family.

Fight or Flight. I'm a little of both I suppose. I try to fight for what I believe in and when I'm left to compromise my values I feel an overwhelming urge to just walk away. My hubby says that I "just want my own way" and I'm sure he's right to some extend. But, I feel like in most things I can easily compromise. I'm fairly easy going and like to think of myself as a people pleaser for the most part but some things matter to me enough to put my foot down and be unmoved.

I may seem ridiculous I suppose. I'm apparantly an odd person for having this conviction. I think that it is only natural to feel this way and a person has to teach themselves to feel otherwise. I have forced myself to see it their way time and time again and finally I just feel like I'm sick of having my beliefs discredited and disrespected without biblical backing. If someone could just show me that I'm actually "wrong" and that the other option is "right" I would happily go along with it... or would I? It seems I just keep finding reasons that prove I'm just a square peg trying to wriggle my way into a round hole?

God knows my heart. He knows I'm true. The things that He's shown me in my life, the things that have happened. Is the place I'm at just a stepping stone in my walk with You Lord??

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Deborah said...

Wow, can I relate! I was just saying the yesterday,"life would be so much easier if we could just be like(blahblahblah) and just go with the flow. But we can't, because we know better. We can't just erase the knowledge we have and stick our heads in the sand." You're right, God knows our hearts, and when we trust him and his word,no matter what all the voices around us say...he'll show us the way to go. Unfortunately, I'm often slow to see and hear and even slower to trust that I'm really hearing God, and not my own selfish desires. I'll be praying that God's voice will be loud and clear for you....please pray the same for me!