Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend in Winnipeg

We have a wonderful weekend away in Winnipeg! It was lots and lots of fun... we got to spend time with my family, my dad is recovering well from his knee replacement surgery, we went swimming and visited Vern and Chelsea's church! All in all we had a great time!

Danielle LOVES swimming. We put water wings on her and she actually let go of us and kicked herself along in the water! My little fish!

For those of you who are not yet tired of hearing about my glasses.... I got my new glasses in the mail on Friday! Here are the pictures I took of myself wearing them. I like the flower ones the best but Aaron says the shape of the blue ones really compliment the shape of my face (no really thats what he said!!! In those words exactly... I kinda stopped dead and looked at him. I never thought he knew how to say things like that. Then he told me that I had just gotten my compliment for the year hehehe... what a funny husband!)


Not Jenny said...

I really like your new glasses! (I think the floral ones are prettiest)
Can't wait to visit with you this week!

Deborah said...

Nice glasses..I think I like the flower ones best...and yes, it's a little difficult to imagine Aaron saying that...hehehe

clanmama said...

They do compliment the shape of your face. It was good seeing your family, and being able to get to know your wee ones better.Start building a cage for Danielle now, your gonna need it! (If your not sure why, you will soon)lol