Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Trying to figure out church doctrine and some other things.... very complex. Once I get it figured out I will write about it. Hate figuring things out. Just when I think I've got something decided someone will point out a different verse and flip flop me back and forth.

Very mad at!!!!! My friend and her husband both successfully ordered and received glasses from this site. Then Aaron ordered and received glasses from this site with no problems and now I have problems!!!! grrrrr. Very frustrated. I ordered my glasses just over 3 weeks ago now (they promise 7-10 business days). They've taken their money and now when I go to my account on their website there is no record of my order!!!! It shows Aaron's order but not mine! Now I'm playing games with their stupid customer service, all the while struggling with stupid pinned together broken glasses thinking I was being smart and saving money. Never ordering glasses online again, unless of course they fix the problem and provide appropriate compensation for pain and suffering :P Extra annoying is that I looked on their site to show someone the glasses I did order and they don't have that frame anymore!!!!!! So even if they fix this I probably will have to pick a different frame and I don't like any of them half as much as I liked the other frame I picked!!!!! Stupid online ordering... I'm dumb.

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