Thursday, April 17, 2008


This happy little fellow is a well-rested baby! (and so is his mommy!) Since Jack came into our lives I have fought and fought to schedule him. I read several baby books on helping children sleep and how to schedule them and eventually gave up. I figured that he was miserable and I was miserable and so I would just let him be. Finally, we were happy albeit a little tired due to waking during the night but happy. He slowly started sleeping more and more on his own. I then tried to get him to skip feedings during the night... it worked a few times but eventually I just let him eat whenever he said he was hungry again. Recently I moved him into Danielle's room (long story involving ants) and started trying to schedule him again... finally success!!! He is taking a liking to the schedule I'm suggesting and now the last 2 nights in a row he has slept for 12 consecutive hours!!!! I guess it just comes back to the idea that all kids are different and we can't expect ours to do the same as someone else's.

Here's Danielle saying cheese. This is such a cute picture of her I thought I'd share it!

On to spiritual things. I had recently gone on a hunt in the bible for the truth about baptist "briders", the church of God and baptism. It was very confusing and like some suggested a little too much for me to handle at this point in my walk with God. (I suppose one could equate it to trying to make Jack run a marathon! LOL) In the end I concluded that I am attending this church in Brandon (happily) and so I will just have to see it their way. Besides, I will likely believe whatever Aaron tells me anyways. So, I'm thinking of asking to be baptized tonight after church. Other than that I'm reading my bible daily (even if its just the proverb for the day) and finding it very refreshing to be able to give things to God. Its nice to not have to fight through some of life's little battles on my own! Anyways, I'm amazed to have typed this much with a 6 month old on my lap but now he's done!

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Deborah said...

Hey...welcome back... It's been awhile!
Your kids are both so cute!!
I'm glad to hear you have come to some decisions, regarding spiritual matters. It's alot to figure out all at once,but you are right to follow your husband's lead.