Saturday, June 28, 2008

My new sling!

This was unbelievably easy! Thanks to a good friend I acquired some rings yesterday evening and sat down at my sewing machine to make my sling. It took me no time at all... probably 20 minutes from start to finish - well I suppose quite a bit longer once I realized that I hadn't pre-washed my fabric and my fingers were stained bright blue! LOL... but after hang-drying my newly washed sling overnight it was ready to test out on my more than willing kiddos this morning. Yes thats right, this sling can hold up to 30lbs and since Danielle is around that weight I let her have a turn also! Anyways, I'm hoping to head to the fabric store sometime today to pick up some more fun fabric while its still 40% off!

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You did a great job on the sling. I wish I would have had one of those when I was raising my family. Keep up the good work. Your son and daughter are just precious. Hope you had a very happy Fourth of July. connie from Texas