Thursday, June 26, 2008

It only took 10 days!

Well it only took 10 days before I sat down to blog again... hehe. I decided to take on some sewing projects. I really wanted to sew a baby sling because they are fairly expensive to purchase and according to these instructions reasonably simply to sew. So I picked the beautiful fabric pictured to the left and set out to make a sling. If you read the instructions you'll have noticed that I also needed 2 - 3inch, 4 guage metal rings which are commonly sold at western shops. Being that this city is a fairly 'country' town there are a couple of western shops. Only one of which was open in the evening when I decided to start my project and they only had one 3inch ring left... very disappointing. I went to a couple other hardware type stores and had no luck. I came home fairly discouraged and Aaron suggested that I call Michael's the craft store. So I did. The sweet lady on the phone told me she indeed had 3inch metal rings in the leather working section of the store. I asked if they were 4 guage. She didn't know but assured me that they did indeed look very sturdy and heavy. So once again I traveled excited that I was going to complete my sewing project and once again I was thoroughly disappointed. The rings were certainly not 4 guage and certainly not that sturdy looking. :( So my beautiful piece of fabric will have to wait for the rings I ordered online.

On a brighter note. While I was at the mall I noticed a really neat idea. It was a head pillow thingy for traveling. I've seen them before but had just gotten back from a trip to the big city where my poor kiddo's heads kept getting flopped around and kinked in awkward positions while they slept. Since there was a big sale on at the fabric store I picked up some fleece and stuffing. I started making Danielle's while I talked to my mom and she thought it was a great idea so I made her one too!


Not Jenny said...

I LOVE that fleece! So pretty!

Deborah said...

You are getting right into the sewing aren't you!? Very nice work.
Did you read my post for yesterday?
I'm expecting some 'I knew it wouldn't last!' or 'I told you so!'