Monday, June 16, 2008

I don't like fishing.

Much to Aaron's dismay I do not like fishing. But it looks like Jack might. Fortunately Aaron has friends who like fishing and I am still playing tennis regularly. Unfortunately, Aaron is still trying to convince me that fishing is fun. The one time he caught a fish, I felt sorry for the fish... poor sad suffocating little fishy. This blog entry was mostly to share these very cute pictures!


Not Jenny said...

Very cute!

Cute pictures are the cornerstone of mommy blogging. No excuses needed!

NiftyNadine said...

I have a whole series of very cute fishing pictures... maybe I'll just edit this post to put them all up!

Deborah said...

Have you tried making a slide show? It's the easiest way when you want to post alot of pictures. I think it's

JustinB said...

Hi miss Nadine its me Gus or Justin
i made a blog and would like for you to come and see it.
Jack looks like he's haveing fun

you can get to it by going to my
mom's blog.

Thanks ~~~~Justin Bolack