Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting Baptized today!

Well I'm up pretty early, just about to sit down and do my devotions and thought I'd post on here. People have been asking me lately if I'm excited about today and the answer is most definately yes. Really nervous about giving my testimony though. I'm an outgoing, talkative kinda person... however, getting up in front of the entire church is going to be a little frightening. I have been praying that God will give me the words to speak so that I can tell the important things and not babble too long or cry to hard. I'm just so happy that God is working in my life and that I am continuing to grow spiritually. This is just the first step in obedience to God and I am enthusiatic to take it!!!

I'm sure it would make sense to post a picture of me so I will post these two in honour of mother's day.

A picture of the day I met my daughter.

And the day I met my son.

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Deborah said...

Sweet pictures!
So.....tell us all about it!!