Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cause and Effect

Life is all about cause and effect. So, what is the effect of not getting out of bed when your 4 year comes in to tell you its morning? Rice crispies all over the kitchen and living room!

What is the effect of eating more calories than are alloted to you for the day? I didn't lose any more weight :( Gratefully I didn't gain but I'm determined to be good today. I need to pray more than prayers of thanksgiving before I start eating, I need to be praying for guidance!

What is the effect of a baby sleeping for 8 hrs straight again?! Well obvisouly not a Mommy who can just out of bed the moment her 4 year tells her that 'its light outside Mommy' But I'm at least feeling fairly chipper now that I'm finally up and having my shake! I need a blender so I can make smooties...

What is the effect of a husband working on Saturday? A wife who has just decided to go to Brandon and buy a blender!!!

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