Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update on Life

Well before I got pregnant with Wesley I had just lost 40lbs... I weighed 185! After he was born (Dec 13, 2009) I weighed in at 210lbs, still 15lbs less than my heaviest. I've just started counting calories again and I've already lost 6lbs! Very exciting! I find I always do best when I consume the majority of my calories during the day and then eat a light supper or just have a shake (I use the Arbonne figure 8 go easy shakes whenever I can't find anything healthy to eat) Oh and just for the record, yes I am breastfeeding and yes you can diet while breastfeeding. You simply allow yourself an additional 500 calories per day.

We moved into our new bedroom last weekend and moved the kids into their respective bedrooms. The big kids LOVE their big room! We even had company yesterday evening and it effectively contained 5 children! (for the most part, there was some occasional spill over into the living areas) Wesley is sleeping great in his own room! He slept for 8 hrs two nights in a row, how lucky for me. Lets just see if this trend continues.

Well he's awake and wanting food!

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