Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Camp was awesome! Bro John's preaching was a wonderful blessing from God. The theme for the week was unity and the focus was on relationships. I must say that it certainly is a wonderful thing to meditate on the kind of relationships God would want me to have. I feel very blessed to have been a part of it all.

Update on my family! Everyone loved camp! Even Wesley! There were lots of young girls especially one 13 year old who spent lots of time playing with him and keeping him happy! Everyone slept remarkably well and we had a great time being active with our church family and eating lots of yummy food. Yes, Wesley too eats food still. Once the flu had run its course he renewed his interest in solid food quite quickly and very obvisously. Those who say that commencement of solids begins the weaning process are quite right. He now only nurses every 4 hrs as opposed to the every 2 hrs he previsouly nursed. If I try to nurse him before mealtime he gets quite annoyed, pulling off and pushing me away but greedily goobles up whatever is on the spoon. He likes food, and I'm slowly but surely becoming ok with that! :) He still very much enjoys nursing when he does nurse.

Keep a dear friend in prayer as her little one is battling a difficult illness. He is the same age as Wesley and its so hard to imagine such a hard thing for a sweet little baby and for his mother to be under so much stress when she still has 4 other children to care for.

I've been off my dieting for a while now and was up to 203 lbs yesterday. Thats 13lbs GAINED in about 4 weeks!!!!! Truly terrible. So I was really careful and good yesterday and was down to 201 this morning! I'm going to really start to pay attention again. Especially since I think that my milk supply issues had nothing to do with the Arbonne shakes I was drinking but the crystal light/aspertame/splenda drinks that I was drinking! I had one not too long ago and sure enough Wesley was miserable the next 2 nursing sessions! I've had the Arbonne shakes again here and there and he's had no reaction. My goal is still 175 and I'm hoping to reach it by Oct. 26th.

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