Friday, June 25, 2010

Resuming Exclusively Breastfeeding?

I've always thought once you introduce solids there is really no turning back. The weaning process has begun and thats it.... or is it?

Sadly, my little man seems to have come down with the flu. It started Tuesday. He was quite cranky and everytime I offered him a meal, he'd take one or two mouthfuls and then refuse to take anymore. But the end of the day it was apparant that his frequent bowel movements had become diarrhea and I happily nursed him as often as he wanted to help flush his system and boost up natural anti-bodies. Wednesday he ate no solids and had the runs all day. Thursday the runs were subsiding but he still showed no interest in solids. Today his poo seems to be back to that of an exclusively breastfed baby and he still shows no interest in eating food! Could it be that we had a 2 week stint of feeding solids and now with my milk supply re-established we can return to exclusive nursing!!? Maybe its too soon to tell, but I'm hopeful that my dreams of baby-led solids may have only been way-layed for a couple short weeks due to vain stupidity and my little man can continue to get all that wonderful breastmilk until he sprouts some chompers!!!!

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