Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pro choice?

I know that it sounds incredibly harsh  to say this but people need to treat sex as the powerful, life-giving and also deathly act that it is. In the majority of circumstances it is an act that every man or woman has the CHOICE to participate in.  I am absolutely pro-choice.  Make wise choices when you have sex and be prepared to take responsibility for the possible of negative consequences of sex; whether that is an unplanned child, a deadly disease or emotional heartbreak.  But remember that once you freely choose to participate in this AWEsome and powerful act, you've already had your CHOICE! As for the rare circumstances where some misguided person takes away that tragic it would be that in this event two innocents souls must suffer from this crime. But I must point out that in this rare situation we're talking about sentencing a child to death to pay the debt for his fathers crimes.  I am not without empathy either.  How horrifying it would be for a woman to suffer so greatly!  But in my mind, it's equally horrifying to kill a baby.   Here's something to consider... Let's say that a man rapes a woman and instantly a 1 year old infant appeared in your arms.  You look at her... she has your eyes, your fathers nose, that funny crooked toe like gramma. You can early see that she's half yours....but her hair is curly like HIS, those freckles, the shape of her mouth!  She's HIS, that horrible monster who hurt you!!!!  Still she leans in to you and hugs you. Her warm little body wraps around you and you hear her say "mama" quietly in your ear.  A doctor walks in with some forms and explains that he can take this sweet little baby, YOUR baby into the next room and inject her with a drug that will kill her, instantly and painlessly.  A social worker explains that there is a wonderful family ready to adopt her, but the process will require her to stay with you for just 9 months.   Would you really still rather kill your own child than spend not even a year of your life so that she could get to live hers too?

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